Welcome to the Paper Plane Journey…

…a world of Wines and Travel

Wine and travel are the two things I am most passionate about. I love to share my recent wine discoveries, winery visits and travels around Italy and around the World. If you are also passionate about wines, follow me on my wine journey.

Sometimes I feel like a paper plane, lightly flying around and deeply soaking into wine stories.

Manuela Paper

Sharing things that I love: wine experiences and dining experiences, while traveling!

What you can find on the Paper Plane Journey

Paper Wines

My wine experiences, telling stories about the bottles and the wineries that excited me and made me fall in love, and sharing the stories beyond. You will be surprised about how many stories are hidden beyond a glass of wine. But me, like paper, I can absorb them.

Paper Destinations

My traveling experiences, destinations around the world, some wine related and some may not. Discovering humans and their stories around the world through my eyes and my senses. Always with a lightly flight and an open mind and heart.

Paper Dining

My gastronomic experiences, the journey through some of the most amazing Tuscan restaurants but also around Italy and the World. Trying to convey emotions that made me crazy in love with each one of this places.

Discover Montalcino with the Paper Plane: a unique and outstanding land where some of the most exclusive Italian wines come from. 

Deepen your knowledge about Brunello di Montalcino wines while enjoying my articles and winery reviews. 

I love to share everything about my life in Val d’Orcia, not only its incredible wines but also its food culture and its specialties with you, with all the people that are dreaming to visit these amazing places. 

Recent Articles

Starting to plan your next trip to Tuscany? You would like to explore the region like you had some friends tips, but also with “first time” eyes? My suggestion is always to ask someone who has a good knowledge of the area in order to avoid the most touristy paths. Here in The Paper Plane Journey, I would like to share with you some tips and insights about Tuscany hoping that you can find some inspiration for you next trip.

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