Paper Plane dining in Florence – part 2

In this second part I will introduce you to come very original and unique gastronomic experiences.


Santa Rosa Bistrot

This place is absolutely the first with this concept in Florence and I think the only one. For sure in America and Northern Europe metropolis is plenty of places where you can go in the morning for a coffee, alone with your laptop to work in their garden or just chill out, for lunch with your besties, in the evingin for a live music concert, for dinner with your partner, on Sundays for brunch. I mean what they do is basically everything. And what I do love the most from them is that you can even go there to do nothing, you will end up meeting very interesting people. While if you are interested in their menu, you are not going to be disappointed at all.


IO – Osteria Personale

The Osteria Personale is a super small room right in San Frediano neighbourhood (which was btw elected as the coolest neighbourhood in the world from Lonely Planet) with a very strong chef’s identity in the menu. In the walls you can see drawings of the plates with showed the ingredients in a very funny and comics style. Also if the room is pretty cozy you will be surprised on how the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. Very nice wine list.


The Essenziale by Simone Cipriani is absolutely a do not be missed experience while in Florence. If you have already tasted most of the traditional Tuscan specialties you are ready now for a new sort of experience. The location is Piazza del Cestello, an historical beautiful square in the Oltrarno area (isn’t it quiet particular that most of the newest and coolest restaurants are mainly in the Oltrarno?!). The interior design is pretty minimalist as well as the set up of the tables, the cutlery is hidden in a secret drawer, but the magic is that also if it seems to be empty, the table will have everything you need at the end.


Il Palagio at Four Season Hotel

How can I find the words to describe the evening at Il Palagio? Imagine to enter in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, with the biggest private garden in Florence, while the pianist is playing and the wind is blowing. Sounds like a dreamy dinner and it is, indeed I do not have many pics because I was really to immerse in the experience. The menu has some Tuscan topics but very personalized, of course by Vito Mollica, the executive chef. Wine list is huge, like a Bible. You will feel like one of the most important people in the world there!

La Leggenda dei Frati

La Leggenda is a true hidden gem on the top of Costa San Giorgio, the small steep street that connects Ponte Vecchio with the Forte Belvedere. The restaurant has the access to the garden of Villa Bardini, an historical Florentine Villa now converted into a museum. The view here is better than the famous Michelangelo square, and more private. The chef Filippo Saporito is strictly connected with the tradition of the Tuscan cuisine but his elaboration gives an outstanding result. That is probably what happen when knowledge of his culinary origins, selected raw ingredients and creativity of a great chef makes the difference.

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