South Africa – On the road – Episode 3

In the first two episode we visited Cape Town and Stellenbosch, meeting some wine producers and having the best wine&food experiences. Now it’s time for the on the road part of our adventure. From day 5 to day 10 of our trip (14 days in total) we drove everyday a long distance to reach different stages of our journey and do some activities we really think you could not miss while there. Find here below the video and the itinerary with pics.

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With a total 1028km in 4 days from Stellenbosh to Port Elizabeth, we came across almost the whole south part of the Western Cape.
Our fist stop was in Hermanus (famous for the whale watching) on the way to Gansbaai, where we spent a beautiful night in an apartment overlooking the sunset and the Ocean. I have done all the research for accomodation by myself for all our nights, except for the Safari lodge for whom we were helped by our travel agency in Italy. The apartment we stayed I have found it on and was superb. The living room was pretty spacious and had one of the best views overlooking the beach of Gansbaai, so we decided to have dinner at home that night and not to go out in a restaurant.

Gansbaai is a small fishermen village, so you wont really find night life there or fancy restaurants, maybe some pubs, but it felt pretty safe to us and having dinner in the house we enjoyed the view in a very safe and comfortable way that we did not missed going out. Also we had a lot of wine from our two days in the Wine Lands so it was an occasion to open some of that bottles.

We did wake up very early the day after to have one of the most amazing adventure of our trip: the shark cage experience. In Gansbaai, but in general in that part of the coast you can find dozens of shark cage companies. We found our company by research online and booked the day before. We liked them since the reservation because they had a Whatsapp number where we could ask all the question we needed before and right after the booking and they were super flexible. You can find their website at this adress: The activity starts very early in the morning, but they offer you a nice buffet breakfast during the briefing before sail. Everyone can decide to watch the sharks from the boat or to go in the cage to see them from the water (of course the two experiences have different prices. At the end of the experience they also leave you a very nice certificate of attendance.

On the Road – second part

The Southernmost point of South Africa – Ostrich Farm – Cango Caves – Tsitsikamma park – Porth Elizabeth

After the Shark Adventure we left Gansbaai to reach Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of Africa and the most windy for sure ! Here is were you can see the two Oceans, Indian and Pacific meet.
We spent the night in Mosselbaai in a lovely Guest House ( Linkside 2 Guest House Petra). She suggested us a really nice restaurant for dinner in town, that was very closed by the hotel but we still drove there and not walk. That is because she suggested not to walk around in the night, and I felt thankful to her to have being said that because sometimes people do not want you to feel unsafe and tell you that you can walk everywhere also in the night, but her scrupulous suggestions made me feel better. To be specific, nothing never happened to us in 14 days in South Africa we never felt unsafe, but we did have to have some precautions that I think took us out of trouble. For example we never really walked around alone in the night (after dinner) but we prefer to always called an Uber (in Cape Town, while in Johannesburg they suggested not to take Uber but hotel’s taxi) or we drove our car.

The morning after we were ready for a new animal and a new adventure: the Cango Ostrich farm.
Experience a visit at Oudtschoorn area and the Ostrich farms is something that you cannot miss for sure. Also in this case we found the farm online and we asked our host, Petra some feedback about it, here is the farm where we had the activity: Cango Ostrich Farm. I would recommend it as not only the tour (and the lunch in their restaurant) were pretty amazing but also we felt the animals were treated very well. Our guide seemed very knowledgeable about everyone of them and he was keen to indulge on every request we made. Their main activity there are the tours with tourists and the sale of the eggs that the ostriches produce.

Very close by you have the Cango Caves, some of the longest caves that it is actually possible to visit with guided tours, also a beautiful experience.

We slept that night in Plettenberg and the day after we visited the Tsitsikamma park, inside this park there is the possibility to do Kayak sports and Bungee Jumping for the bravest hearts, indeed this is the world highest bungee jumping from a bridge, more than 200m.

We finally drove in the afternoon towards Port Elizabeth, where we spent our last night before taking a local flight to the Kruger Park for our Safari.

We slept at Singa Hotel in Port Elizabeth, a five star hotel with a very reasonable price, which we enjoyed pretty much. As we were little bit tired after 1028km in 4 days, we decided to relax by the hotel’s pool and have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant that evening, it was nice, we still had a couple of bottle from the wine lands visits, so it was really an amusing dinner.

Now are you ready for the most incredible experience?
Safari is coming…stay tuned!

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