Restaurants in Tuscany – openings after new Covid rules

Piccola guida ai ristoranti aperti in Toscana dopo le nuove disposizioni anti-covid del decreto del 26 Ottobre 2020. After the latest communication by the Italian Government, restaurants and bars in Italy have now to close at 6pm. Many of them decided to change their schedules and open for lunch instead of dinner and organize forContinue reading “Restaurants in Tuscany – openings after new Covid rules”

Paper Plane dining in Florence – part 2

In this second part I will introduce you to come very original and unique gastronomic experiences. DINING ALL DAY LONG Santa Rosa Bistrot This place is absolutely the first with this concept in Florence and I think the only one. For sure in America and Northern Europe metropolis is plenty of places where you canContinue reading “Paper Plane dining in Florence – part 2”

Paper Plane dining in Florence – part 1

Florence is for me the best city to live in, believe me, I have 8 years experience. In this post I will show you some of my favorite restaurants in town with the most interesting and exciting gastronomic experiences. OSTERIE & TRATTORIE Osteria di Giovanni For sure one of the best traditional Tuscan menu’s inContinue reading “Paper Plane dining in Florence – part 1”

Paper Plane dining in Merano – The Miil

The Miil Restaurant is undoubtedly a culinary and design experience must-try if you are around Merano. It is located exactly in Cermes, five minutes by car from Merano, and originally was an old mill, from where indeed it takes its name. Since from the parking lot the atmosphere you can feel is very particular, aContinue reading “Paper Plane dining in Merano – The Miil”