I have been working and living in Tuscany for more than ten years now. I love traveling but not only outside Italy, I am always thrilled to discover new places just around the corner, in our beautiful Tuscan region. Curiosity always have lead me to exploring the tiny streets of those cities, the secret corners of the medieval villages or the best sunsets from the coast and countryside. That is how I have always approached to Florence, spending some days as a tourist in the city I used to live. Museums, restaurants, wine bars, exhibitions, I have always did everything I could experience, and I can experience, about this amazing city.

Hidden corners of Tuscany


Casole d’Elsa

Castiglion d’Orcia

And now, since couple of years the Val d’Orcia, the incredible UNESCO World Heritage where I am so lucky to live and work. The first thing you have to understand about myself is that I really enjoy exploring this territory, it gives me the same feeling of when I am on vacation, most of my days off from work I do feel as I am in vacation, just visiting a famous Abbey, discovering a new restaurant, having the best meal, enjoying some of my favorite wine, or meeting some of my friends from local wineries, wine bars and restaurants. It also creates a network of people from the hospitality, no matter if it is an hotel, a restaurant or a winery, we are all friends and it’s nice to have them in my life.

I have always organized my trips by myself. I can stay hours, reading articles, watching videos and Instagram pics and websites from a location, a destination, finding like where to sleep, to dine, what to do there and so. But it takes a lot of time and keen of exploration to do that. I love to do it but I also have a lot of personal tips that I have learned through years from my job in the travel industry. I can say that organizing the trip is for me part of the pleasure of the journey.

What completes this circle? Sharing… sharing with you all my knowledge of my region, Tuscany but also sharing with you some of my travel tips from the places I have visited.

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View of Montalcino Valley
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