Regional virtual tour of Italy, through food and wine – Irpinia

Chapter 4 – Campania Do you know Calitri? What if I say Irpinia? When talking about Campania, we immediately figure in our mind the views from Positano, Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Naples, with its food culture.  Naples is indeed the city of street food par excellence, I remember when I went there last time,Continue reading “Regional virtual tour of Italy, through food and wine – Irpinia”

Discovering Southern Montalcino – Argiano winery

One of the oldest wine history in Montalcino Argiano has probably one of the most beautiful, or at least my favorite for sure, drives in the area. If you follow my Instagram stories, the road to reach the winery is the place where I go running some times and where I stop to take picturesContinue reading “Discovering Southern Montalcino – Argiano winery”