Central Sardinia – Nuoro and Mandrolisai

Nuoro and Mamoiada region Nuoro province is the area considered less touristy of the island. It is more famous for its radicate traditions and very particular old villages rather than for the beaches (which are in any case simply amazing also in this area).  Things to do in Nuoro province The area around Nuoro cityContinue reading “Central Sardinia – Nuoro and Mandrolisai”

South Sardinia – Cagliari area

Casteddu – Castello – Cagliari Cagliari can offer you everything you would expect from a vacation in Sardinia, history, art, culture, tradition, urban style, wine selection, great food and beautiful beaches. In this article I will give you some tips about wineries to visit in the area, things to do in Cagliari and Restaurants &Continue reading “South Sardinia – Cagliari area”

Regional virtual tour of Italy, through Food and Wine – Mamoiada

Chapter 1 – Sardinia Physical travel is becoming less of an option (again) so Carlotta (@LaPanzaPiena) and I thought we would take you on a trip of Italy – through food and wine obviously. Each week we’ll introduce you to a different region through one local dish paired with a regional wine, you’ll hopefully discoverContinue reading “Regional virtual tour of Italy, through Food and Wine – Mamoiada”