South Africa – Mpumalanga and Johannesburg – last episode

The last endless moments So our trip is finally come to the end, unfortunately for us, we were very sad to leave South Africa after 14 days.From Chisomo safari park, we drove down to Mpumalanga region, very famous for its canyons, the second bigger canyon in the world. We saw an amazing nature and landscapeContinue reading “South Africa – Mpumalanga and Johannesburg – last episode”

South Africa – Safari Experience – Episode 4

Welcome to what was probably one of the most amazing experience of my entire life. Since when I was a kid I have always dreamed of a Safari in the bush and finally, last December I did it, at Kruger National park in South Africa. (Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want to seeContinue reading “South Africa – Safari Experience – Episode 4”

South Africa – On the road – Episode 3

In the first two episode we visited Cape Town and Stellenbosch, meeting some wine producers and having the best wine&food experiences. Now it’s time for the on the road part of our adventure. From day 5 to day 10 of our trip (14 days in total) we drove everyday a long distance to reach differentContinue reading “South Africa – On the road – Episode 3”

South Africa – The Wine Lands – Episode 2

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the second episode of our trip to South Africa ! In this episode we left Cape Town and started driving towards the Wine Lands !First stop in Franschoek to visit Mullineux Winery and after in Swartland to have lunch with this two amazing and young winemakers in Terracura. We spent theContinue reading “South Africa – The Wine Lands – Episode 2”

South Africa – Cape Town – Episode 1

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our Journey through South Africa!Two couples, 14 days, more than 1.800 Km in 9 stages…Here in this first episode we are just landed in Cape Town, where we spent 3 amazing days, check out what we visited in this beautiful city. The purpose of this channel is to share with youContinue reading “South Africa – Cape Town – Episode 1”