Regional virtual tour of Italy through Food and Wine – Romagna

Chapter 8: Emilia -Romagna Emilia-Romagna has without any doubts one of the richest heritage of food and wine between all Italian regions. You can imagine our excitement this week when me and Carlotta decided to talk about this region for our weekly food and wine pairing.ย  Scroll down to Carlotta’s food story here. Maybe notContinue reading “Regional virtual tour of Italy through Food and Wine – Romagna”

Brunello Masters – Poggio di Sotto and Giulio Gambelli

I have visited Poggio di Sotto and tasted their wines a few times now, after spending my last two years in Montalcino, but it is with a great emotion that I am writing about them here today. I am not going to tell you how long the maceration lasts, how many months the Brunello staysContinue reading “Brunello Masters – Poggio di Sotto and Giulio Gambelli”

Paper Plane visiting Merano – Alois Lageder Winery

The Merano Wine Festival is one of the most important food and wine fairs in Itlay, certainly one of the most awaited festivals not only by all operators of Food and Beverage but also by enthusiast. The fair is held in Merano, of course, a city lso famous for its thermal waters, in the northernContinue reading “Paper Plane visiting Merano – Alois Lageder Winery”