Regional tour of Italy through Food and Wine – Aosta Valley

Chapter 16 – Valle d’Aosta Valle d’Aosta is the Italian smallest and least populous region, just one-eighth the size of neighboring Piedmont. It covers a mountainous corner of Italy’s far northwest, where the nation’s borders meet those of France and Switzerland. Despite the region’s small size and minimal fame, a wide range of both redContinue reading “Regional tour of Italy through Food and Wine – Aosta Valley”

Brunello Masters – Poggio di Sotto and Giulio Gambelli

I have visited Poggio di Sotto and tasted their wines a few times now, after spending my last two years in Montalcino, but it is with a great emotion that I am writing about them here today. I am not going to tell you how long the maceration lasts, how many months the Brunello staysContinue reading “Brunello Masters – Poggio di Sotto and Giulio Gambelli”

The Paper Plane Selection – Rosso di Montalcino

When thinking about Montalcino everyone’s mind goes immediately to Brunello, of course. But forgiving the Rosso would be a huge mistake. First of all we have to make a distinction, between two types of Rosso di Montalcino. For many (bigger) producers Rosso di Montalcino means the “second wine”, so usually the best grapes go inContinue reading “The Paper Plane Selection – Rosso di Montalcino”

Orange is the new white – the ultimate guide to my orange wines discovers

I always receive questions like: What is exactly an orange wine? It is made with white or red grapes? Are orange wines all natural wines? Personally, I have a strong passion for this kind of wines and so, I have decided to share with you a small guide, with what I think are the mostContinue reading “Orange is the new white – the ultimate guide to my orange wines discovers”

Paper Plane discovering Brunello – 4 days in Montalcino

While living in Montalcino I had the chance to deepen my knowledge of the wine culture and the Brunello culture here, so I would like to share an ideal four days trip in Montalcino, for wine lovers. In this four days, based on a real itinerary that I created for two of my US friends,Continue reading “Paper Plane discovering Brunello – 4 days in Montalcino”