Not only beautiful beaches, Sardinia has a strong food and wine culture, some of the most ancient archeological sites in Italy and a huge cultural melting pot which is mainly uncovered.

I am born and raised in Sardinia and also if now I live in Tuscany I have always felt a strong connection with this region. In my whole life I have been discovering more and more about the amazing gems that this island has to offer. I would like to share with you some of the lesser known places and especially wine regions of Sardinia, throughout a journey of 5 articles, where you will be able to find informations about when to visit, things to do, wineries, museums, food and restaurants, but also many curiosities and insights. Are you ready to follow me in this journey?

South Sardinia – Cagliari area

Casteddu – Castello – Cagliari Cagliari can offer you everything you would expect from a vacation in Sardinia, history, art, culture, tradition, urban style, wine selection, great food and beautiful beaches. In this article I will give you some tips about wineries to visit in the area, things to do in Cagliari and Restaurants &…

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